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1. Would it be acceptable to provide an electronic version only?
2. If there is a discrepancy between our proposed deliverables and others will there be an opportunity to adjust?
3. Is implementing the rebrand in the website something you hope to do in this project?
4. Will agencies outside of Nevada be considered?
5. What is the budget range?
6. Is there a weighted scorecard of any kind for how proposals will be evaluated that we should be aware of?
7. There is a mention of compliance with the attorneys office, is there a specific set of guidelines we should be aware of?
8. What 'Business and Technical Requirements' are you looking for? (This is mentioned at the bottom of the RFP under cover letter, etc.).
9. Will you still be attaching the answers to questions as an addendum?
10. What are your goals for this rebranding and ongoing content / marketing support?
11. Are there any specific growth goals for the organization (adding registered users, circulation numbers, program attendance, etc)?
12. Do you have more than one audience you are requesting research for? Included in RFP are Library System Customers & Key Community Leaders. Are there others?
13. Do you have dates/times for the chosen agency to meet with stakeholders?
14. If we can be available on the 19th for the board meeting - would that be of value to you?
15. We see the start date for this project is in late October. When is the deadline for creating and launching this new brand identity?