Jackpot Branch Library

About This Location

The Jackpot Branch Library is a combined library shared with the local school. It is available to patrons most days after school and offers a variety of materials to patrons, as well as the ability to order books from other libraries.

COVID-19 Notice

Updated September 22, 2021 - Please note that the library has been reorganized in a manner best suited for social distancing and increased sanitation. 

Current Operations

  • Status: Reopened to normal hours. We are still requesting those 6 and up wear masks
  • Returning Items: Patrons are able to return items to the book drop or front desk.
  • Curbside: Curbside Pickup is available in a limited capacity at this time
  • One-on-One Assistance: Staff are limited in providing one-on-one technical assistance at this time. 
  • Computers: Limited availability
    • Keyboards sleeved for sanitation, library headphones have been removed, and sessions are limited to 1 hour per day
    • Earbuds are available for $1 purchase at front desk or patrons may supply their own.
  • Programming: Some in-person programming has been re-implemented.
    View the Jackpot Branch Calendar for a schedule of upcoming events. 
  • Meeting Room: Unavailable at this time
  • Book Donations: Accepting at this time
  • Book Sales: Limited availability
  • Newspapers/Magazines: No longer available in print - visit our databases for Newspaper and Magazine selections


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